la Tabakalera

The design and production of the exhibition Contornos de lo Audiovisual in Tabakalera Donostia gives an answer to the goal of binding together and differ 25 video pieces within a large open space of 700 sqm. Each piece had very specific individual needs that had to be treated in the collective context of the exhibition narrative. The furniture and partitions articulate the circulation as well as generate the precise space for each piece, keeping a visual continuity also given by the reiteration of materiality.

Itziar Barrio – Manon de Boer – Marguerite Duras
Joan Morey
Ibon Aramberri – Herman Asselberghs
Aimar Arriola – Ibon Aramberri
Analivia Cordeiro
Marc Vives
Alex Reynolds
Nader Koochaki