CRÜ is an architecture studio from Barcelona that grew among the floods –and the delusions– from another generation. We closely walk with our projects, questioning assumed models and redrawing possible relationships between the architect, the space and who inhabits it. The result is a thoughtful and efficient architecture, which is both sensitive and bold and as reasonable as shocking. Better call CRÜ.

la Sonia & la Selena la Sonia & la Selena la Carla la Carla la Fleur la Fleur la Petra la Petra la Bea la Bea la Ximena la Ximena la Ramona la Ramona la Odette la Odette la Diana la Diana la Dominique la Dominique la Carmina la Carmina la Carmeta la Carmeta la Olga la Olga la Olivia la Olivia la Carme la Carme la Blue la Blue la Tabakalera la Tabakalera la Bruna la Bruna la Brenda la Brenda la Gala la Gala el Morro Fi el Morro Fi la Carol la Carol la Baracoa la Baracoa